Macklemore’s Choreographer – Persevering To The Top

Macklemore’s Choreographer Anna Matuszewski, Macklemore’s choreographer, costume designer and dancer shares her story of fulfilling dreams through hard work and passion. We talk about persevering through life by not giving up.

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Raw Transcript:

Kacee: Hi, guys. It’s Kacee. I want to thank you guys so much for
checking out my blog today. This is our third posting. And today, we are
talking about a little bit of a lighter topic. But it’s still super
important. We’re talking about perseverance and dreaming.

Do you guys remember what you said in elementary school when people
asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well, today we are
going to be talking about that, because when we get older, we start to
think, “Okay. Let’s be a little more practical. What’s really going to make
money? What can I get a scholarship in?” or whatever.

But today, we are going to be talking about what our dreams are and
how we can fulfill that. We have a great interview. You guys are going to
be so excited to hear her story. We have Anna, who’s Macklemore’s
choreographer. So, here it goes.

Hey, you guys. Thank you so much for hanging out with us today. I am
really excited about the interview I have today. It’s Anna Matuszewski, and
her and I have known each other for a very long time.

Anna: Yes.

Kacee: I actually still remember the house you lived in in Lake
Arrowhead, because I used to go hang out with you . And you were, like, a
little bit older than me.

Anna: Oh my gosh!

Kacee: We were figure skaters together a long, long time ago in
California. And, you know, you were such an amazing skater.

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Kacee: So, I always really looked up to you.

Anna: Oh, thank you.

Kacee: And I remember your house with a balcony for some reason.

Anna: Really?

Kacee: You’re like, “That wasn’t my house.” [laugh]

Anna: Like…

Kacee: Now she’s thinking back.

Anna: I have to think back.

Kacee: So, Anna, she was a figure skater for many years. A very, very
talented one, and now she even coaches.

Anna: Yeah.

Kacee: And we coach at different ranks, but there’s a community there.
But also, she’s been a dancer for many, many years, a fantastic dancer.
What she’s doing now, she’s choreographing for Macklemore, as well as
dancing for him. And so we’re talking about pursuing dreams and going after
what you want in life. You see she’s a mom here, has a beautiful daughter,
and has been dancing for many, many years. And she’s been seeing a lot of
success lately. So, I just wanted you to share a little bit about the

Anna: Okay.

Kacee: Because sometimes, young people feel so overwhelmed by these
dreams when they’re young, and then they settle when they’re older. So,
what would you say about that?

Anna: I feel like my mom was just . . . could do anything. You know,
just from nothing could make anything. And so, looking at my brothers and
sisters now, we’re all, like, entrepreneurs but in our own ways. Like, I
teach dance, I teach skating, and I choreographer, and I have my own
business like that. Like, my sister is a horse person and she has her. . .
My brother builds. So, like, we just took these little things, and we just
kept working on them until we did it for our profession. And, I mean, I
always knew, from when I was little, that I was going to teach skating,
because I love skating so much.

Kacee: Mmhm.

Anna: But with dance, which is kinda where, the chapter of my life
I’m in right now. Like, I always tell people, because I’ve been around. I
dance in LA. I danced where all the hot spots are.

Kacee: Mmhm.

Anna: I think that the one characteristic, that has gotten me to this
place, is just, actually, perseverance, because there is so many other
dancers that are, you know, much, you know, more capable, or this or that
or whatever. Or even choreographers that I feel are better than me. You
know what I mean? But, they’re not here. They’re not in this spot, and a
lot of times people just give up or they don’t believe in themselves that
they can do it. And I think that’s the only thing. People are always like,
“Well, how come you get to do this?”

Kacee: Mmhm

Anna: “Why are you doing this?”

Kacee: A lot of hard work people! [laugh]

Anna: And, yeah, I’m like, it’s actually written in my path. It’s what I’m
supposed to be doing, and I know that for myself and I just kept doing it.

Kacee: And that’s such a great prospective, too, I think. Because,
especially young people now, you just want to see the big picture and make
it happen like that. [snap]

Anna: Yeah.

Kacee: And if it doesn’t happen, okay, maybe I should do this. Maybe I
should do that. What would you say to that young person that wants to give
up or isn’t seeing immediate success,

Anna: Well, if it’s something that is really in your heart, you’re
not going to give up on it. You can always make so many excuses why you
don’t want to do something, but if it’s in your heart it’s going to stay
there. It’s going to keep bugging you, so you’re going to have to listen to
it. And then, you just kind of feed it a little bit, and if it keeps
growing, you know it’s something you’re supposed to be doing. And direct
more energy to it.

Kacee: And it is that nagging, especially something you feel destined
to do. How do I find what I’m destined to do? How do I find what my purpose
it? Would you say you just try a bunch of things, and there’s those things
you can’t get rid of?

Anna: Yeah. I was just telling my partner this and also another friend
earlier today, because I just did this European tour. And I was doing all
these arena shows for thousands and thousands of people, and they’re all in

Kacee: How surreal was that, by the way?

Anna: It was crazy.

Kacee: [laugh] Around the world.

Anna: I was like, “Woah. That was my dream, was to skate all over the
world.” But here I am, performing all over the world, in ice arenas. So it
was like. . .

Kacee: Oh my gosh, that’s crazy. In Iceland.

Anna: . . . It happened for me. My childhood dream happened.

Kacee: Oh my gosh.

Anna: I realized it when I was in Berlin.

Kacee: That gives me chills. That is so cool.

Anna: I was like, I used to want to be here so bad, when I was ten.

Kacee: Oh my gosh.

Anna: And here I am.

Kacee: Well, I want to thank you again for taking the time.

Anna: Yeah, no problem.

Kacee: I can’t believe it. She literally just got back from the world

Anna: Yeah.

Kacee: And you leave in. . . tomorrow?

Anna: Saturday. (inaudible)

Kacee: So, tomorrow, to go on tour again, and I’m sure all of you are
going to go see Macklemore, and the Macklorettes, Anna.

Anna: Yeah.

Kacee: Her amazing choreography.

Anna: Thank you.

Kacee: She really is an incredible, incredible dancer.

Anna: Thank you.

Kacee: You should check her out on Youtube and all the other sources
they have out there. And, thank you so much!

Anna: Yeah! No problem.

Kacee: And we are going to talk more about purpose and pursuing your

Tia: The fun thing about clothing, and accessories, and makeup, and
however you choose to present yourself is it can say a lot about you. Even
if it isn’t true. Dress for who you want to be, even if it’s not who you
are right now.

So, if you’re going to an interview, and you want to come across
confident, and you’re normally really shy, choose something that’s really
bold, confident, streamlined. Something that fits nicely, you’re not going
to have to fidget with it during the interview. And you’d be surprised that
that one item of clothing, that you picked, that meets what you’re trying
to achieve, is the one thing that’s going to make you feel that way during
your interview.

Kacee: Thanks to Anna. That was such a cool interview, and I had so
much fun being in her house. You guys, it was probably the coolest house
I’ve ever seen. There was a dance studio in the living room. And today,
wasn’t that cool talking about perseverance and talking about dreaming?
Maybe you’ve gotten your juices flowing. You’re wondering, “What do I like
to do? What am I good at? What were the things that I really wanted to do
when I was a kid?”

I think some advice that I would have is find out what you’re good
at. Try lots of new things. One of my cool, cool, opportunities was being
an intern where I literally tried ten different things each month, and I
found out really quick that I wasn’t the best administrator in life. But I
do have some other abilities that I could maybe focus on.

So, find out what you’re good at. Have fun. Make it an adventure, and
stick to it. Don’t give up. Now is the time to pick things off that you
like, pick things off that you believe in, and don’t give up. Next week we
are talking about a super important topic. We are talking about bullying.
So, please, please check it out next Monday. Big thanks to Tia and Anna,
and we’re see you next week.



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