Jordan Bone’s Inspirational Story | My Beautiful Struggle | Youtuber Uses Channel to Make a Difference

If you haven’t heard about fashion blogger Jordan Bone yet I can’t wait to tell you about her.

She used her channel to tell her powerful story of overcoming a personal challenge. Jordan not only gives us hope to walk through whatever we are facing but she also encourages all of us to be kind to one another online and to realize that everyone has a story.

Watch this incredibly transparent story “MY BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE” and take a moment to think about what impacted you.

Comment below something that you took away from her story.
Thank you Jordan for sharing with us!!

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  1. Kelly Fincher says:

    Jordan’s story is amazing; her brave soul is really shining bright. I love that she could show how she overcame this, that it is still a daily struggle but she never gives up. In the end her strongest message was to the people who do not fully understand what it is like to have a life changing hindrance. Jordan, thank you for reminding me to keep strong, keep positive, and no matter what to love the life I live. Living with an illness has not been an easy road, but I keep my chin up. I love seeing strong people overcome obstacles that at one time they thought they could never beat. 🙂 I hope everyone remembers that we all fight different battles, so please be kind to one another.

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