The Battle of Insecurity | How to Be Confident in Any World – with Special Guest Breyanne Noelle Singer, Model, Actress

Wrestling with perfectionism most of her life Singer, Model, Actress Breyanne Noelle shares her battle with insecurity. Also shares the how to of getting through disorders and anxiety.

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Raw Transcript:

Kacee: Hi, everyone. Today, Breyanne Noelle, who is an actress, a
singer, a model, super talented, doing some really cool things down in Los
Angeles, shares about how she’s helping people through being confident and
knowing who they are. She struggled with her identity and insecurities when
she was younger, and she even battled with a disorder. So check out her
story. I know you’ll find yourself in it and have confidence at the end.

Hey, everyone. Thank you so much for hanging out at the blog
today. I have a special treat for all of us. I’m even excited to
hear all the things that she’s going to share with us today.

Breyanne: Awesome.

Kacee: This is Breyanne Noelle, and she is a model, singer, and an
actress. She is doing some amazing things down in L.A. She’s not
only being super successful in all of her talents, but also,
she’s making a difference in a lot of people’s lives, and so I
wanted her to come and share with us just a little bit about her
journey and how she has overcome some things in her life and is
helping others.

So can you just share a little bit? I know we talked earlier . . .

Breyanne: Yes.

Kacee: . . . and you said that you may be a little bit, or you used to
be at least a little bit of a perfectionist . . .

Breyanne: Yes.

Kacee: . . . as so many of us are. Can you just share a little bit
about that . . .

Breyanne: Absolutely.

Kacee: . . . and how you’ve maybe gotten through some of that?

Breyanne: Well first, I’m so honored to be here. Thank you for having me.
You’re awesome.

Kacee: Thanks for coming.

Breyanne: I have absolutely loved talking with you. Yes, a big part of my
journey, as a female and as someone who has high standards and
high dreams and has always wanted to do a lot with my life, I
had wrestled with perfectionism a lot of my life. I think, as a
woman, that could be something that many women deal with. We
have messages constantly coming at us, whether it be in the
media or from just people in our life, maybe other influences
that communicate what is expected of us as women.

A lot of unhealthy thoughts started coming to my head, and I started
wrestling with disordered eating or a disordered picture of
myself and my value. I was confused at first. It started with me
going to counseling and working with a nutritionist. Thankfully,
I had a great friend at the time who helped me not feel alone. I
was ashamed. I felt really ashamed because I wasn’t perfect.

Kacee: Yeah. Right.

Breyanne: I was like, “Wait. Why am I dealing with all these things?
Like, this is horrible.”

Kacee: Yeah.

Breyanne: I always wanted to be strong, a strong woman that has her ducks
in a row. I started realizing that a lot of my life I had this
standard on myself to be perfect.

Kacee: So, how have you been . . . I mean, you’re a very solid woman,
and it takes a lot of wisdom to kind of dive deeper like, “Why
am I feeling this, and how can I make a difference?” What would
you say was part of your journey to kind of change your thinking
on it? Now, I know you’re doing groups for women and all these
amazing things down in L.A. to kind of help people not get swept

Breyanne: Right.

Kacee: So, how do you do it?

Breyanne: Right.

Kacee: Everyone is like, “Okay. Yes, I’m feeling that. But like what’s
the how? I need the how.”

Breyanne: Yes, that’s great. Such a good question. Honestly, I think it’s
a constant discovery process. However, the most important thing
for me to recognize was that I wasn’t meant to walk alone. I was
never meant to walk alone. In fact, I believe that we were
designed to walk together, especially fellow women . . .

Kacee: Yeah.

Breyanne: . . . as sisters. One thing that I recognized was that I need
other women in my life, and I need safe relationships to be
transparent about these things.

Kacee: Yeah.

Breyanne: With that perfectionism in my mind, I walked a lot of my life
very alone, and I never shared things with anyone. But when I
brought things to the light, there was a freedom in that.

Kacee: Yeah.

Breyanne: I think there’s always a temptation to isolate because it’s
safer maybe.

Kacee: Yeah, definitely, especially when you’re going through

Breyanne: Yes. And that’s the worst place to be, isolated in the dark.

Kacee: Yeah.

Breyanne: I’m a firm believer that when we just kind of hold things in
the dark, that it just gets darker and darker.

Kacee: So true.

Breyanne: And when it comes into the light, it actually just brings

Kacee: I think that is so good to understand that we do need to be
intentional with our relationships. I want all of you . . . it
is so true, whenever we’re going through something, whether it’s
anxiety or an eating disorder or any kind of disorder, we’ve all
been there at some point in our lives.

Breyanne: Absolutely.

Kacee: I think that Breyanne’s advice is so amazing. We just need to
take it to heart, reach out to people in our lives, whether it’s
an organization, a counselor, a small group, whatever it is.
Let’s get out there, get talking about our lives and things that
we’re going through.

Breyanne: Absolutely.

Kacee: I just love that so much. So next to this video is a link to
Breyanne’s website. It’s

Breyanne: Yep.

Kacee: I want you to check it out. There are so many great things
there. Stay in connection with her. You can follow her on
Twitter and Facebook and all those social media networks out

Breyanne: Yeah.

Kacee: I just want to thank you so much for hanging out with us.

Breyanne: Thank you.

Kacee: Hit us up, comment, whatever you got to do. We’d love to hear
from you, and we’ll see you next week right here on the blog.



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