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Kacee has been passionate about helping people through life’s challenges since she was young. At the age of 15 she began to lead support groups on her high school campus, as well as in other arenas. For the past 16 years Kacee has helped young people and their parents navigate through the ups and downs of the teen years, offering insight and wisdom on the pains of growing up, maturing and finding their own answers to life’s most difficult questions. She believes that each individual has precious value and whatever they are going through can be overcome by turning pain into victory.

Kacee has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ministry, and also studied Communications. Kacee’s public speaking caters to venues and arenas targeted to young people – it is not just one of her gifts but her passion. She has a unique way of speaking about difficult subjects in a relatable way that gives hope to those who have felt hopeless. Kacee is currently a Presenter for the school assembly program Rachel’s Challenge.

Kacee comes from a family of athletes. She spent most of her childhood either traveling with her dad while he was on the PGA tour, practicing her technique in an ice-skating rink or on the softball field. She loves to play sports and has been able to be a high school cheer coach as well as softball coach and now helps young people achieve goals on and off the ice as a Figure Skating Professional.


Kacee had the opportunity to host as well as be a field reporter for a youth magazine style Television show called GCTV for 6 seasons. Kacee appears on Good Morning San Diego, New Day Northwest King 5 (Seattle’s NBC affiliate), KIXI radio and others where she presents segments on how to help young adults through their challenges. Kacee also regularly partners with youth organizations as a “Teen Expert” to help parents and teens succeed.

On KaceeBree.com, you will find a place where stories of struggles and victories are shared. We discuss real life in a normal way realizing ups and downs are a part of it but how we face them shapes who we are and who we become. There is hope in the darkest of stories and there are people like myself facing similar situations that have made it through. Kacee invites you to share your story. Ask questions and find a community of young people who have transparently shared their life in order to help others.


After the sudden loss of Kacee’s mom in 2007 she dealt with grieving in “all the wrong ways” which inspired her to write I’m Not Crazy, Just Grieving an entertaining yet transparent story of Kacee’s walk through grief after tragedy at a young age.  Kacee shares her life changing experiences as well as her emotional moments to help a young person walk through their hurt and come out emotionally whole on the other side of their pain.


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If you would like to have Kacee come to your school, church or other venue to speak on grief recovery, pain or different topics contact KaceeBree@gmail.com   She would love to meet you and possibly feature you on her blog.

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