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  • story of generosity

    I saw this story on Facebook the other day and thought it was a great example of generosity.  I’de love to hear your story in the comments!!! “This week we received an envelope from an anonymous giver with a $100 target gift card inside. Yesterday we knew how to use it . There is the kindest elderly man who walks around our neighborhood, who smiles at me kids and tries to speak to them (I think he’s Russian) and helps whenever […]

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  • Merry Christmas

    A season of generosity.

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  • SCHOOL SHOOTING — A Hated Headline
    SCHOOL SHOOTING — A Hated Headline

    “School Shooting.” It is a headline we read too often.  Again last week as we remember the young lives of the sweet students lost at Sandy Hook Elementary one year ago we heard yet another story of a school shooting. Last week in Denver a young man attacked a fellow High School student out of pain and anger. This happened only ten miles from Columbine High School. How do we make this stop? How can we protect our children and […]

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  • Life Defining Moments
    Life Defining Moments

    Ariel shares her miracle story of surviving a horrific dirt bike accident that changed her life. she could have died but instead doctors use her to further their research on brain injuries. Moments like these can define us but we can’t let them ruin us. SUBSCRIBE to YouTube Channel HERE   Raw Transcript: Kacee: Hi guys, thank you so much for checking out my blog today. The topic is life-defining moments. Sounds pretty intense right? Well, we all have those moments where its […]

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  • When you get bad news how do you handle it

    It’s never fun receiving bad news.  I am curious how you deal with it? how do try to stay positive?

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